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Interview Skills Coaching

Be cool, calm and collected

Our training will give you everything you need to ace that interview!

Be cool, calm and collected

Our training will give you everything you need to ace that interview!

Interview skills coaching
For many of us, getting to that first interview after applying for our dream job can be an exciting time - but also one that can leave us stressed about saying the wrong thing or being at a loss for words. Luckily, Ady Skills has got you covered with the training that you need!
Helping you gain confidence during the interview process

Feeling nervous before a big job interview is normal – but what if we told you that we can take you to a “new normal” where feelings of stress are trumped by a confidence that you are ready for any question?

With our expert training, you will be prepared to step into any scenario, knowing that you can ace an interview and still remain authentic to your skills and training.

How it works

When you sign up for our interview skills coaching, you are set to receive specialised training on interview skills and personalised coaching on how to develop employability skills which will help you to handle behavioural rounds of your interviews within the New Zealand market.

What makes our training so spot-on, is that we cover the top 50 questions and answers of “behaviour-based questions”. This will definitely come in handy when you are in the hot seat at an interview: you’ll be able to be cool, calm and confident in every answer!

With our knowledge of what employers are looking for, we aim to improve your chances of getting through any interview without a hitch. We are known for our attention to detail, and with our training, you will be set to communicate effectively and convincingly at your job interview.

Another big benefit of our interview training, is that it is customised for each individual: we ensure that you get training suited to your needs!

Kindly note: Our coaching does not include any technical or particular subject interview as we aim to provide training where a candidate can navigate a panel interview or 1st level of discussion.

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