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CV and Cover letter writing
Want to knock a potential employer out of the park with a spotless CV and intriguing cover letter? Ady Skills can help create perfect documents that will allow you to stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your skills and experience in the best possible way!
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When receiving job applications, employers and HR departments often get flooded with potential candidates – making it a daunting task to find key applicants that can fit the roles that they are advertising for.

One way to ensure that your application does not end up at the bottom of a pile, is to craft a CV and cover letter that will make any hiring officer sit up and take notice. This is where our services come in: giving you that competitive edge that will enhance your application prospects!

How our service works

Our services for CV and cover letter writing as per New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and US standards are done for one career or industry that a candidate is enrolled for. Therefore, ensure that your enrolment is complete before we commence with your copy services.

Writing a perfect CV

Depending on the category and industry, we will help a client to create a perfect fit CV suited for their ideal industry. If a candidate is registered, for instance, for a business and management career on our website, we will provide a CV applicable to this industry or profession only, allowing the candidate to apply for any job within this category.

Rest assured: We always strive to craft high-quality CVs for our clients and to keep all CVs open for any jobs within the respective industry.

We completely understand that when it comes to your career or new developments in skills or training, these need to be updated too. This is why, once you enrol for our services, we are happy to modify your existing CV for up to three times at no extra charge.

Crafting a professional cover letter

We also understand the value of an impactful cover letter, as this creates the first impression in the minds of your recruiters when you apply for a job. A solid cover letter shapes your professional profile to a substantial extent, and when you explore new shores in your professional domain, it is necessary to craft an impressive profile.

Therefore, we will write compelling cover letters for you that will be convincing and lucid, capturing your personality, accomplishments and core skills in a succinct way to best present your application to potential employers.

It is always our goal to leverage your career potential by providing sophisticated cover letters that do your experience and skills justice.

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